Héctor Falla

Tax Expert – Colombia

Lawyer and tax law specialist from the Rosario University (Colombia), with Advanced Master´s Degree in International Taxation from Leiden University together with the Leiden International Tax Center, and who has been recognized as an “outstanding” advisor in the tax field by the International Tax review.

Héctor Falla is a tenured professor in the Tax Law Specialization dictated by Rosario University as well as on the M&A and corporate transactions legal course, dictated by the Andes University. Additionally, Héctor Falla has extensive experience in (1) (a) structuring national and international operations that involve the sale and purchase, mergers and divisions of different assets and national and international business lines -involved jurisdictions such as Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Denmark, USA, Spain, Mexico, Switzerland, Peru, among others-, (b) business collaboration contracts with national and international components, (c) Colombian investment funds with national and foreign investments, and (2) tax litigation before administrative and judicial authorities.

Finally, Héctor Falla has been a lecturer on tax aspects of national and international relevance before the Colombian Institute of Tax Law (“ICDT”), the International Fiscal Association (IFA) and LEGIS. Additionally, Héctor Falla has authored academic publications in (1) ICDT Magazines No. 79 and 81 and (2) Volumes VII and VIII of the book “Critical Studies of Tax and Customs Jurisprudence”; and he is an opinion columnist in the newspapers: “La República”, “Asuntos Legales” and “Ámbito Jurídico”.