Yari Mendoza

Tax Expert – Panamá

Graduate accountant and auditor from the American University, with a diploma in Taxation, MBA | Master’s in Business Management, Internal Control and Comprehensive Audit at the Barcelona Business School.


From the beginning of her career, Yari has specialized in the area of Integral Accounting and Tax Consulting, constantly innovating and updating processes while working at Charry Associates, a local firm where she also ventured as a trainer for accounting teams. In 2015, she joined as Accounting Manager of the Outsourcing Division at the international firm, Casin Associates, where she led diverse teams for 5 years, achieving great success.


In 2019, she founded MEC | MENDOZA ACCOUNTING STUDIO, with the goal of providing excellent, personalized, and comprehensive accounting and tax advice. She also participates in the masterful training of the firm’s consultants to provide a premium and updated accounting service.


Yari has participated in and successfully led numerous projects for Business Process Solutions teams for companies involved in various activities ranging from services to wholesale and manufacturing. Consultancies for local and foreign companies, corporations, and foundations. Accounting audits, payroll, internal control, compliance and processes both locally and for multinationals in Argentina and Peru.


She participated in creating guideline documents on Panamanian tax laws and in internal trainings and executive team trainings on tax reforms, Peachtree, deferred taxes, payroll, Panamanian labor legislation, use of applications, and accounting inductions.


Among her academic and outreach activities, she is a panelist for accounting analysis trainings for accounting teams and students at the American University, an executive coach at Coachmap, and has given various talks and seminars to high-net-worth clients and their teams, among others.


Languages: Spanish and English.